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August 19

Apparently on the real August 19th I was too tired to actually write. Instead, I jotted down some speaking points that I will now elaborate on.

Cat–apparently eating cat is something that still occurs here in Dol Dol. Shops make people aware that they have by displaying some sort of leaf in front of their store, kind of like a vacant sign at a hotel. People did mention that it doesn’t happen as much anymore, most likely because cats are becoming more and more domestic.

Problem Solving– As we were leaving football today, Isaiah took the volleyball with him without asking. So what does Paul do? He runs after him yelling and throws off his jacket like he is ready to fight. They finally come back down where I am and we work through the situation. It was fun to ask things like “Now how could you have approached that situation differently?” or “What if you had done this?” They both calmed down and saw the error in their ways. Paul has such a quick temper.

Samuel’s Requests– No, not mine, my Kenyan brothers… Samuel approached me in the morning saying he was comfortable coming to me asking for help, his idea of help though was me buying unnecessary things. First, he wanted a cell phone even though he never leaves home… Hmm. He the wanted me to give money to his relatives who a red e rumored to be part of the reason he went off the deep end in the first place. So no, not this time.

Joe Visited — Joe the program coordinator for the program I am with came all the way up to Dol Dol to see what life was like and what I had been up to. It was nice… He met other potential hosts for volunteers as well.

TP — I went through an entire roll of toilet paper today. And no, I wasn’t blowing my nose.

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