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time is near

Well, the time has almost arrived. Time for me to bid farewell to my old kentucky home–the place of 90% humidity in the summer months, my loved ones, close friends, and consistency.

Now, I embark on a three month journey. As I travel to Accra, Ghana I am both anxious and eager–anxious because of a new environment and eager to make someone else’s life a little bit better. It isn’t often that we get opportunities to travel thousands of miles and to partake in a culture so foreign compared with what we’re used to. My time in Africa will no doubt be a test–a test of my patience and flexibility, but also of my calling. Hopefully by the end of this trip I will have a more solidified understanding of my own purpose in this life and how better to accomplish that purpose. It has been my personal motto that the only way to truly make this world a better place is by giving of our time and energy to those less fortunate than ourselves and by giving of our love to everyone, even those we may deem undeserving.

Mother Teresa once said, “Yesterday has gone; tomorrow has yet to come; we only have today, let us begin.” I am extremely fortunate to have the opportunity that I do, but I would encourage those of you who are staying behind to adopt this adage as your own. Forget what has happened or what could happen; instead, focus on what you can do right in this moment to make someone else’s life just a little bit better, a little bit happier, a little bit more easier.

I have no doubt that this will be an experience that I remember for the rest of my life, that is why I have chosen to share it with you through this blog. After all, many of you have helped make this experience possible through your various donations. Please however don’t think that your partnership with myself and this trip ceased with your donation. I am taking this trip, but so are you. Somewhere inside of you, you recognized that this was a cause worth supporting and I am grateful for that. Please continue to keep me in your thoughts and prayers; send me any positive energy you have left at the end of your day.

Again, I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

I love you all.


Sam G

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