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Eyewitness News: Big Foot Spotted

Either every culture has tales of Big Foot or they’re real. Seriously, half way around the globe people are talking of Sasquatches? Now, not only do I have to walk around paranoid of 20 foot pythons and butt-kicking elephants, but also the star from Big and Hairy!

As we were having our pre-dinner chai one night, the boys spoke of a beast that was a giant and part human, part animal. They also noted it being covered in fur. A man of their father’s age-set tells a story of running into one on the dirt road nearby. It faced him from across the street holding the trays of a bee hive. They man then stood in that same place for two days completely unharmed, but in shock of what he had just seen.

Today, the boys claim that all the bigfoots have migrated to Mt. Kenya or are extinct. There have been no sightings nearby for some years. Perhaps, seeing as how Sasquatches eat a cow a day, or so the legends say, they didn’t have enough to survive in this area since so many people have lost cows due to drought.

If the one cow we have “disappears,” I’m really going to be freaked out.


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