In Ghana they had a term for “returning to one’s roots,” and this was Sankofa. I can’t help but think with my upcoming trip to Kenya that I am in fact returning to my roots. 

While I grow more nervous by the day, I can’t help but become overwhelmed with excitement at all the experiences I will have. This time, my experience will be a rural one. Based at Kimuka in the Ngong Hills, I’ll be about an hour and thirty minutes south of Nairobi. From the Ngong Hills, or “knuckles,” in Swahili, I will be able to see Nairobi on one side and the Nairobi Game Reserve on the other. I’ll be in the heart of Maasailand. Some of Africa’s greatest warriors will be my neighbors and my caretakers. The Maasai are known for the bright fabrics, beaded adornments, and prowess of the Great Rift Valley. I can only hope that I master the art of milking a cow or spearing a lion during my months stay.

While my time will be plagued with no electricity or running water, I am eager for the opportunity to realize just how blessed I am. With little electricity it goes without saying that there will be no internet. However, I plan to keep you up to date somehow, even if I have to visit an internet cafe every once in a while, which I’ll have to do to charge my phone. I guess what I’m saying is, I would love for you to take this journey with me, from the comfort of your computer screen of course… To the right there’s an opportunity for you to enter your email address and subscribe. Being a subscriber will get you an email every time I post a new post. This is probably your best bet for staying informed because my posts will be haphazard.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I prayer. Take the coming week or so to look back at my posts from my time in Ghana. Come up with questions to which you want answers and I can do my best to seek answers while I am there, that will make it really interesting.

Up next: How I’m Going. What I’m Doing.


5 responses to “Sankofa

  • ellyoracle

    Ooh, also if you want internet in Kimuka as opposed to trekking into Ngong to the internet cafe, and have your own laptop and a big enough solar charger (Solargorilla aren’t cheap but work really well and everyone will love you if you let them charge their phones on it – see if you can borrow one or get one 2nd hand), you can pick up a PAYG safaricom mobile dongle for 2000 KSH in Ngong which will keep you online in Kimuka. Worth it to be able to express yourself while spending more time with your hosts.

  • Sam

    That’s a great idea! I’ll check into how much they cost… How much money did you spend on average per week, if you’re comfortable answering? I’m trying to save up because I would like to go on a safari and whatnot which can be expensive! Thanks, Elly!

  • ellyoracle

    It can be *really* cheap, especially if you stay in Kimuka! Phone credit was by far & away my biggest cost, followed by pikipiki & matatu journeys to & from Ngong, and then bottled water. Are you from the UK? Drop me an email on ellyoracle AT gmail DOT com, and let me know where you’ll be based/what they’ve said you’ll be doing & I’ll send you more details of what things cost.

  • Maurice Chappell

    Sam…I really enjoyed reading your posts. I went to Africa with your uncles Randy and Bob. I’m a good friend of Randy’s and worked with your mother in Franklin Co. Schools. Your journey’s past and present sound incredible. I’m proud of your interest, willingness, and sacrifice to do the work you’re doing in Africa.

    • Sam

      Hi Maurice! Thank you for your comment. Randy and Bob have both been reminiscing about that trip quite a bit lately to help “prepare” me for mine! It means a lot to have the support of other individuals. Thank you!

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