This morning there were three men chopping something up right outside my window at about 7 AM… When I stumbled out into the courtyard thirty minutes later I discovered they were chopping some sort of a root. The middle son was running around gathering all the pieces being careful not to let them remain on the ground for too long. One of the choppers picked a piece of the root from the ground and offered it to me while saying, “Take this, it will make your penis very, very hard.” Well thank you, Sir; I wasn’t aware that we were close enough to discuss solutions to erectile dysfunction. In reality I just looked up at him and smiled and took the root…

Asking later, I was told that the root was medicine to make you healthy; it will send out all of the bad things–cleansing your body of impurities, while at the same time replacing it with the oil and various other toxins in the ground due to a lack of environmental protection.

The proprietor is a “Spiritual Chief” although none of us are quite sure what that means… When people in town ask us where we stay we tell them with Nuumo and Princess and they say, “Oh, the fetish priest.” Hmm, I guess? I am beginning to think it is an educated vs. non-educated kind of thing because one day Princess (the Chief’s wife) was going on and on about traditional medicine and her sons were just looking at me smiling like they didn’t buy a word of it…

If one were to peek into Nuumo’s shrine they would just think he was a huge alcoholic, though I don’t think he is, however the walls are lined with empty vodka, gin, and bitters bottles; we know how someone communicates with the spirits… When asked how a new chief came about we were told that “it was decided.” We then pushed and asked if it was voted upon by the community or the elders and that idea was shut down with, “No, the spirits decide.” Well, thanks for clearing that up…


2 responses to “Medicine

  • Elly

    Cracking up about your penis root. Your mom told me that I HAD to read about it… So glad you will be home soon! Come visit and regale us with your stories!!!

  • Earl Hohman

    I’ve enjoyed your blogs. Sounds like God has really used you to bless and be blessed this summer. You have learned as much as you’ve taught.

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